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Nigel Owens not leaving the whistle soon

Nigel Owens believes he can still perform his best with the whistle even though he's retired. The Welsh referee had decided to call it quits from Test Rugby after reaching a century of games in the Autumn Nations Cup.

He got his gumboots on ready to tender to his calves in the farm as his new career off the pitch. Owens still impacts the rugby scene because he does some work for the WRU and also referees some of the local games at grassroot level and even charity matches to say the least. So, the whistle has definitely not left his mouth.

"The timing was right," he says. Other than being on the pitch,in a career spanning over 20 years refereeing World Cups and International matches he believes he has other duties to perform in his life. He wants to spend more time with family and look after his cattle in the farm. Who wouldn't want that after such a great career.

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