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Bucks got served at Fiserv

Udoka’s Celtics was victorious over the Bucks at Fiserv Forum outscoring the hosts 116-108. The seven-game series is now tied at 2-2.

Jayson Tatum’s double-double, 30 points and 13 rebounds together with the 5-time All Star Al Horford’s 30 points, ensured Celtics remain on course in the series with a much needed win. The defending champions, led by Giannis Antetokounmpo’s double-double, 34 points and 18 rebounds was second best in the night.

The Bucks shot 41.5% which was almost 9% lower than the Celtics 50% in the game. However, offensively, the Bucks had 13 offensive rebounds which was nine more than Celtics only four. Budenholzer’s Bucks played also some great defense as they had six steals and thirty five defensive rebounds. For Boston, there shooting beyond the arc was a weapon as they shot 14-of-37. In addition, they [Celtics] only missed two free-throws out of twenty attempted which was impressive.

The home team won the first quarter by seven points. This was also attributed to great offensive rebounds in the quarter with six while Celtics having none. Celtics had five turn overs in the quarter. A good response from the Celtics in the second quarter saw them only miss a single free throw from ten attempted. They also raked in a couple of assists, six, and their defensive discipline improved as they only managed to get two turn overs. For the Bucks, two steals in the quarter and four offensive rebounds was better than the away team. The half ended with Bucks leading by a bucket, 48-47.

In the third quarter, Bucks came out strongly once again shooting 78.6% from the free-throw line. For Celtics, they shot 36.4% from the arc and had 6 assists in the quarter. Defensively, Bucks were on top with a steal and 12 defensive rebounds. Bucks closed out the quarter 80-73.

Celtics rallied back to win it all in the fourth. They shot 84.2% in the quarter. They were perfect from the free-throw line making 7-of-7.Bucks found it had to get to the line as Celtics ensured their defense was air tight. A single missed throw for the Bucks in the quarter after attempting four from the charity stripe.

Celtics won the quarter 43-28 and ultimately won the match 116-108.

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