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Andrew Wiggins wiggles the Warriors past Celtics to win Game 5

Warriors defeated the Celtics 104-94 to win Game 5 of the NBA Finals in their home court in San Francisco.

Boston were not able to capitalize on Steph Curry’s low scoring. With Steph’s non-dominant night, his team led by Andrew Wiggins steered to victory with Wiggins having a double-double of 26 points and 13 rebounds with Curry ending the night with 13 points and 3 rebounds. On the other hand, Jayson Tatum’s double-double of 27 points and 10 rebounds could not help the Celtics to victory.

Warriors were dominant in the first half as they went into the break 51-39 taking a 12 point lead. They made 20-of-43 field goals attempted in addition to 8-of-10 free-throws made. Celtics had 19 rebounds to wrap up the half and were sloppy too as they had 9 turnovers.

Celtics started the third strongly shooting 57.9% on the court and getting more opportunities from the free-throw line. Defensively, they had 10 rebounds, one block and a steal which was some signs of improvement from Ime Udoka’s men compared to the start of the match. Celtics also had 18 points from beyond the arc.

For the Warriors, racking up 8 personal fouls and a couple of turn-overs (4) did not do them any good. Celtics won the third quarter and were a single point behind Steve Kerr’s men, 74-75.Jordan Poole with a buzzer beater from deep to make it 75.

Warriors began the fourth, scoring the first ten points. Warriors very effective on the offense and Klay Thompson leading the charge in this case. Celtics’ offense faltered at the top and tried to regain some momentum with their mid-range shots. Boston committed 18 turn-overs with only 18 assists in the game.

Taking into account poor shooting from Curry beyond the arc, 0-of-9, Wiggins was brilliant and spurred the team to victory. The Warriors only committed seven turnovers and had 25 assists to march towards victory.

Game 6 is in Boston. Will Boston force Game 7 or will Warriors close out the final?

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